Sony kills it again unveiling PlayStation 4


It’s been seven years since Sony unveiled the PlayStation 3 to the world, but the day has finally come for Sony’s next-gen gaming console; PlayStation 4, more than two years after PS4 rumors first surfaced. It’s Sony’s first console since the PlayStation 3, which was released in 2006.


The console has these awesome features. It can lay on its side, or can be placed vertically with a stand.  The sleek console features an 8-core x86 AMD Jaguar chip and 8 gig-bites of GDDR5 memory. The PlayStation 4′s front is bisected by an LED light, which pulses blue when the console is starting up and white when it’s on. The back of the console is where all the heat escapes. It also holds the power, HDMI, optical, ethernet and PlayStation Camera ports.

The PlayStation 4 features a newly redesigned wireless controller, the Dual Shock 4. While some aspects of the old controller have remained, such as the iconic shape-face buttons, it’s a big departure from the previous PlayStation 3 controller. The biggest new feature is the controller’s touch pad in the center, which boasts multi-touch gestures just like most smartphones. It can also be clicked like a track pad.


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