Keeping Up with Kagwe


392029_281481265221194_1477079182_nWhen replay254 heard Kagwe was releasing a hot new video, we had to catch up with the singer/producer to find out what he really knows about “bad girls”, which happens to be the name of his latest single.

Which (Kenyan) celeb is your quintessential bad girl?
My quintessential bad girl celeb would have to be Shebesh, but truthfully, I think it’s only right that I mention the classy and sultry Miss Mandi. She’s featuring in another one of my videos coming soon.

How long did it take to record the “Bad Girl” single?
I wrote “Bad Girls” earlier this year, but was waiting for the right time to release. Like most of my other content, I don’t put it out unless it takes less than 24hours to put it all down. Bad Girls was an afternoon affair.

Kagwe-Web2What’s influenced the change in your look? (Facial hair).
To be honest, it was just a change thing. But more importantly mature change.


Have you ever tried to be a bad boy for a girl you liked?
Unfortunately, I went through a phase so yes, I have tried but I really wasn’t good at it. Like horrible! I’m the type of guy that you introduce to your father and get a winning seal of approval.

When will the video be out?
The video, [which] is brought to you by Mushking and Mont’Et Online, will be out in less than a week. We’re just putting on the finishing touches now.


Any exciting projects you are working on that you’d like your fans to know about?
I’m working on an EP, it’s titled: “Songs about S.H.E” under the label Motion Image & Sound (MIS), which is out in December. Details to follow in the near future via: Twitter (@KagweMungai) or Facebook (KagweMungaiMusic). 557235_581790725190245_1744293227_n

Is there anything you’d like to add about your upcoming video?
Well this video has a great story, it’s not really what you might expect from a song called “Bad Girls”, but it fits into the theme. We had some really beautiful and talented ladies on set that day, and I can’t wait for you all to enjoy it too.


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