Tafaria Castle – a new hospitality jewel in Kenya


When I first saw some pics of the place on Facebook, I was a bit skeptical of the place because of how much photoshop/alteration some of these folks had done to these pictures that they posted. So when I got the chance to go there I decided to see whether it lived up to some of the reviews I had seen about it online. And off we went…

1369399063_512988269_5-Tafaria-Castle-Country-Lodge-2013-Rates-Nairobi1-620x330Getting there we used the Nyeri- Nyahururu road and it was quite a drive, several times I thought we were on the wrong route and even started to doubt the GPS at one point. Anyway, on we went enjoying the Laikipia scenery and unfortunately no breathtaking view of Mount Kenya which decided to be shy and not even give a glimpse of itself!

On we went till we got to a Tafaria Castle and Lodge sign on our left which showed that we were on course and we then had to go off road for a bit. The road to the castle is not tarmaced, but it is in good condition and the castle is quite a bit of a distance from the main road.



Eventually we got there to a warm reception from the staff who even took us on a tour of the place before we checked in. You have to understand that the place just has a calming effect on someone from the minute you check into the compound; it is so quiet, green and serene and on a good day Mount Kenya is quite visible from the castle while the Aberdare Ranges make a good backdrop view.


The accommodation facilities are all castle themed with names such as the Lords Room (which would be perfect for couples especially honeymooners), Lost Knights Quarters (which was where we stayed), Damsels Quarters, The Old House and the Viking’s Quarters.

The castle and the rooms are all very tastefully decorated with some having some interesting antiques such as old telephones, colonial officer hard hats and some nice English themed paintings as well as few African sculptures.


We went to freshen up before dinner as we had arrived a bit late in the day. The shower was heavenly and the towels super warm and fluffy. Another plus was having Wi-Fi in the rooms which unfortunately at that time had issues, but that was not really a big deal as it was more of play and no work.

Dinner was plain on my end, I only enjoyed the vegetables.

Was too tired to go watch movies and the place not having a club/disco wasn’t much incentive to go to the bar. Upon returning to our rooms we found a lovely hearty fire waiting for us and the warmest most comfy water bottles waiting for us in our beds! The temperatures in that area drop fairly quickly in the evening and it can get quite chilly.           Tafaria-swimming-pool-facing-mt-Kenya-620x330

Thanks to cable TV, a warm fire, some good whisky and company we had a good laugh and a chilled out evening. Morning came, unfortunately and we all had a problem waking up! The beds there are big and warm and the mattresses just right and don’t forget the hot water bottles and we just did not want to get up! So we struggled out of bed to the amazing showers and headed for breakfast.


I was meant to plant a tree, but they had run out. As an environmental awareness campaign, guests are usually given a tree to plant in Tafaria before they check out and I found this to be a plus being the environmental nut that I am! Maybe next time I go there I will have this opportunity and by then they will have a club for the party animal in some of us.


It would also make an amazing yoga retreat I think so maybe that would be something for the management to consider!

If you are looking for a quiet getaway with your partner or with friends or as a family this place is for you.

For more on Tafaria Castle here is the website http://www.tafaria.com

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