replay254 Exclusive: Style Interview with Theo Kgosinkwe from Mafikizolo


Recently during the post -Blankets&Wine@50 press conference attended by replay254 at Mayfair Hotel, a day after the successful Festival, we had an opportunity to interview Theo Kgosinkwe, the man behind the South African music duo Mafikizolo in an exclusive fashion style interview.

Mafikizolo during the interview at Mayfair Hotel, Nairobi
Mafikizolo during the interview at Mayfair Hotel, Nairobi

Theo Kgosinkwe is not only one half of Afro Pop group Mafikizolo, an award winning solo artist but he is also a classy, elegant & fashionable man!

Screenshot during the replay254 interview
Screenshot during the replay254 interview

He briefly highlighted to replay254 about his personal style, #TOPSWAG and music… Check it out!

replay254: Tell us about how you feel when you on stage?

Theo : I love being on stage,because there’s where I showcase my music,fashion and dance.

replay254: What do you prefer to wear when performing vs when you having interviews?

Theo : When I perform I wanna look classy,I want people to see that I mean business I’m serious about what I’m doing,when I’m doing interviews I still wanna look good but not too serious,semi casual not too casual not too formal either.

replay254: What are your thoughts about the ‘right fit’?

Theo : Yes I lot of people don’t know how important it is to choose the right fit for your body,I like clothes that fit me well,that’s why I also have a tailor to make sure that I have clothes that fits me well.

replay254: What’s’ the one item you would never be caught dead in?

Theo : A jacket with shoulder pads.

replay254: Bowties or Ties?

Theo : I love them both,but if I had to choose one it has to be a slim tie

replay254: When would you say you have the ‘SWAG’ look going on?

Theo : When I attend important functions,I go all out with my Csquared outfit with confidence, that’s TOPSWAG right there.

Csquared is a Menswear boutique & shopping outlet that is in-charge of dressing & styling top South African artistes & celebrities based in Johannesburg.

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