Lady Karun Conquers Music on Wabeeh & Globally


KarunFor those not in the know, Wabeeh is an online music store that sells Kenyan music. It gained quite some popularity for the better part of last year, in big part because of Lady Karun.

Miss Karun who left Camp Mulla last year and decided to go solo worked on her recent album titled ‘Sun & Moon’ which also involved a documentary of her journey dubbed ‘Ladybug Project’. Early July 2013, she released her first single of the album dubbed ‘Photographs’ which was well received by the public.

She thereafter went on to release her debut album on Wabeeh and it sold quite a number of units, so much so that she was named one of the highest selling artists on the music store website.

Karun took to her Facebook to share the big news, posing with her cheque of Kshs. 22, 000.

Karun has had a busy time while on holiday lately before she returned back to campus in the States; before accepting the big cheque from Wabeeh she recently made an appearance at Blankets & Wine, where she performed the national anthem.

This young lady is definitely a force to reckon with as the impact of her music is already being felt in the music industry.

Congrats to Miss Karun!

Available copies of the album may be sourced from us here at replay254! Feel free to contact us via

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