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To remain relevant in the fashion world today, you have to keep up with the trends – which is a lot of hardwork – or define the trends that others will follow. Styles are changing daily and so are designers on the rise. Fashion needs passion, sacrifice, effort and particularly pleasant taste. These are some of the elements that give birth to successful fashion designers, fashion buyers, stylists and fashion bloggers. Fashion stars are always ready to spend in order to look great. I tend to believe that beauty and fashion go hand in hand.

The Urban Dictionary defines a Fashionista: A person devoted to fashion clothing, particularily unique or high fashion. A person not to be called a fashionista would be someone who obsessivly follows trends. REAL fashionistas do not believe in trends. That type of person would be more correctly labeled a fashion whore or a shallow bitch. Student #1:”Oh my gosh! Look at that girl wearing those sparkly red mary janes, black lolita skirt, hello kitty corset, and a top hat with pink hair!” Student #2″Oh yeah, thats Xenia, she’s a Fashionista.”

In Kenya, there are certain ladies who rarely go unnoticed in the fashion arena. Image matters in their lives and they go the length to dress the part. This explains why they make regular appearance in fashion magazines, pullouts, and entertainment TV.

Let us focus on these beauties in our country that are taking the fashion world by storm and are evidently rocking it!


Brenda Wairimu

This humble beauty has rocked our screens for quite some time now and is clearly aimed for the stars. She’s been generally on an acting roller coaster, gracing programs such as Changing Times, Mali, Shuga, and currently Kona plus splashes on magazines and adverts. Her fashion sense is delicious and she makes full use of her fine body type. We see her often in fitting clothes and in maxis once in a while. Her light complexion complements everything she puts on. It is definite that her fashion technique is on point and her outfits always look gorgeous. Her make-up is often minimal and well done, and her hair – remarkable. Her fan page on social media is bursting with love from all over, with thousands of likes and still counting; this is sufficient reason that her onlookers certainly adore her fashion.

(The Fashion Notebook) – Fashion Blog

Nancie Mwai

Winner of fashion blog of the year for two years in a row now, including last year, Nancie is probably the to-go girl about fashion. Being a fashion blogger needs full commitment and lots of hard work, plus the key ingredient – great taste. She is ready for any criticisms, since she is a risk taker in the industry, experimenting all kinds of designs and tastes, as fashion is relative. Nancie is adventurous and is not afraid to try out new hairstyles. Often, she lets people know how to match some common outfits differently, how to style hair in several ways and more. Her appearance is constantly incredible; she is gorgeous and keeps you eager to see more of her every day.


Lilian Muli

This lady is well known as one of the lovely queens of the news desk. Arguably, she has aced out many other colleagues on the screens when it comes to the field of style. She under no circumstances disappoints and has taken the fashion world by might. Even after the birth of her child, she continues to look superb. She is seen to fall in deep love with skirts and dresses, she rarely does trousers. Nevertheless, she always nails it – her noticeable high heels, well kempt hair, hip clothing and slight make-up brand her ‘stunning.’ Her closet appears to house outfits that are of exact fit and of creative designs. Her figure constantly supplements her attire.

(Ourstylekenya) –Fashion Blog

Joy Kendi

The fashion blogger and actress undoubtedly has an undying affection for fashion. She was among the nominees for the best fashion blog in the Bake Awards 2013. Browsing through her blog, tells it all. Her style is tasty and is a pretty good designer too. Her supporters are always thrilled by her flavour of dress. Having been in the States for a fairly long time might have contributed to her understanding of fashion. I love the fact that she always expresses how one can be very innovative with clothing, make-up and other accessories through her DIY (Do-It-Yourself) segments, and also stresses that ladies can look good without having to spend too much. She consistently appears dazzling from head to toe, and knows how to accentuate her curves. Her mode of dressing is very diverse – from shorts, to minis, to maxis, to leggings…brilliant!



Sharon was also one of the nominees in the best fashion blog of the year 2013, which equally places her in the list of the most fashionable females in Kenya. Sharon has shown keen interest in fashion and her relatively large following attests to this. She is always pleased to show the world what she has in her wardrobe and shares her life events with her fans. Her videos are exciting and informative. To her, fashion is not only about dressing, it is a lifestyle. She is quite a narrator, since her blog always has much to say about herself and any interesting activities in her life. She is indeed attractive and her figure works in synchrony with all her attire.


Vera Sidika

She was the new kid on the block after the release of the ‘You Guy’ video by P – Unit. Since then, she has crossed borders to appear in other music videos. The model, video girl and business lady has it all – beauty, elegance and the money. She shops from all over the world. It is said she acquired a hair weave costing as much as Ksh450,000 sometime last year. Obviously, she does not mind spending in order to look fabulous, and it certainly pays off. Her style is appealing and artistic – all colorful, with all her garments drawing attention to her ideal body structure.


Huddah Monroe

She was one of the contestants who represented Kenya last year in Big Brother The Chase – Season 8. She is also a freelance model and at some point acquired the name ‘socialite.’ Despite her loaded status in society, fashion seems to be one of her utmost priorities. She undoubtedly does not take chances when it comes to dressing up and looking trendy. She is comfortable in anything she puts on, since she is content with her figure, which perfectly complements her. Her hair and makeup looks on point all the time. Lately, she has been on a series of lace hair which is quite pricey, but this expresses that she certainly values her looks. Overall she always looks cool. Being a socialite, her pages on social media are also swarmed with fans and this is an indication that she has the ultimate recipe for her audience.


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  1. Quhleh says:

    Lillian Muli

  2. Matt Masha says:

    Nancie Mwai and Sharon Mundia for me 🙂

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