Upcoming TV Channel for Strut It Afrika Fashion Week as part of SIAFW2014


With Strut It Afrika having kicked off their continental auditions for fashion week Strut It Afrika (S.I.A) on the 25th of January 2014 at its inaugural continental audition at Secrets Lounge in search of Kenya’s premium models.

It also kick-started as double-charm for the agency with the journey to Strut It Afrika Fashion Week 2014 which will be the culmination of a month long S.I.A fashion festival this year plus an add-on to the schedule, anupcoming TV concept launch for Strut It Afrika Fashion Week .

With two auditions – one already done in Nairobi and an upcoming edition in Mombasa city, the team will then head to Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia, Burundi and Rwanda in search of the best models and the best designers in the region. And eventually on culmination of the long fashion festival, all roads will subsequently lead to Nairobi for the finale.

This year Strut It Afrika has partnered with Honor My Curves (HMC) to launch an era of plus size modelling in Kenya. Managing Director and founder Strut It Afrika, Moses Mukiibi said, “It is high time the African Woman is given the full attention she deserves and we are here to give her exactly that. Our mission is to change the perspective of modelling in East Africa, why not do it for all.” “We are looking into turning it into a TV concept by early next year” Moses added.

Strut It Afrika was founded by Moses Mukiibi in November 2011. It’s current directors are Moses, Malaika Nyannzi and Kay Bochaberi. It was founded on the belief that models in East Africa have a lot more to offer and a lot more to gain. Its initial slogan was for models by models.

However today Strut It Afrika has evolved and is fast becoming a brand to reckon with in every aspect of the fashion industry. Strut It Afrika Fashion Week was launched last year. It was East Africa’s first ever regional fashion week.

Photos courtesy of Eye-Con Photography & SIA Studio ©

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    1. replay254 says:

      @crystalmodelsUganda_Thanks much we are trying to boom the infotainment zone not only in Kenya but within the East Africa region as well.

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