This year’s Fashion High Tea was way bigger and better just like usual editions in previous years, a very high profile event that was put together in the heart of the lush, prime Zen Gardens in Spring Valley for the upwardly mobile discerning professional, indulging in their favorite pastimes, i.e. fashion, shopping and socializing while indulging in luxury and at a sophisticated atmosphere too.  

The 2014 edition was celebrating Haute Couture hosted by Mrs. Shivani Radia & Payal Radia both proprietors of Zen Garden & Fashion High Tea respectively; together with various socio-corporate sponsors such as Kiss100 FM, X FM, Couture Africa Magazine, Heineken, Nomadic Tents, Suzie Beauty, Executive Water, RocNation, EatOut Kenya among others.

The event as tradition of Fashion High Tea events was just the hottest fashion ticket in town last weekend.  It had a sell‐out crowd consisting of high profile guests and personalities which in turn received extensive media coverage both locally and abroad.

Following in the footsteps of previous event editions, Fashion High Tea 2014 was for a cause too…it was with regards to supporting the First Lady’s Beyond Zero campaign to raise funds for purchasing and deploying mobile clinics across the country to provide better prenatal, delivery and postnatal services to the underprivileged.

Fashion High Tea 2014, lived up to the promise of having raised the bar even further. The Runway setup was actually unique fitted with colorful, glaring neon lighting that surrounded the entire runway and stage lounge with intimate table seating for all the guests to enjoy that made it a heavenly fashionable nest full of charm, beauty & creativity.

The outsourced gorgeous models showcased unique collections from local and international designers such as Njema Helena by Cecilia Ostman & Annika Ostman, whose collection dresses the young and daring as well as the classic and timeless that eventually brought together vibrant prints and bright colors of African fabrics.

Divabag by Kenneth Chiaji was a beautiful fashion-utility pioneer that was for the first time on the Zen Catwalk, as the handbag-only collection. The designer-inspired handbags are chic, functional and perfect for any occasion; made from high quality genuine leather with creative design work patterns on them.

Suave by Simi Sethi which is just but a year old strutted fashionable pieces unique to her personality while catering for the 21st Century woman. She highlighted to replay254 after her runway show that with continuous support of its strong & committed clientele, Suave hopes that one day it would become a leading global luxury brand.

Up next with favorable and majestic fashion prowess was Shenu Hooda whose exclusive designs comprised of semi-formal and bridal outfits that drew inspiration from both Pakistani and Kenyan prints that brought out an amazing colorful touch on the runway. She’s had an amazing upcoming fashion portfolio having recently showcased her work both at Kenya and Tanzania Swahili Fashion Week not forgetting previously featuring in various several private shows.

1890606_616798415036753_1648913375_o“I developed the talent at a very young age after designing my own outfits when just at 15years with the help & support of my family,” Shenu said while speaking to replay254’s chief blog correspondent, Eve Chege, “thereafter I decided that it was high time to change my passion into a career and eventually fashion has become my identity,” Shenu added.

1596786_616799175036677_1193457330_oKooroo was one brand that finally wowed the fashion crowd that was thirsty for their unique pieces on the runway.  Their collection’s inspiration is drawn from Africa’s rich cultural lifestyles by integrating African prints, silks, jerseys, cotton and linens to create collections with exceptional global appeal. One unique touch on the Kooroo collection is the exquisite usage of original craftwork i.e. beading & embroidery that’s used to embellish simple silhouettes on the pieces.

1799119_616832051700056_727350959_oAlso on the runway was Masaba by Masaba Gupta whose designs encompassed vibrant colors fused with beautiful patchwork grafted from Indian ensembles offering the Indian consumer Indian fusion wear that’s edgy yet rooted to its culture at affordable prices. She has even designed outfits for Bollywood actresses i.e. Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor & Jacqueline Fernandez.

131378_616835581699703_560308085_oAs usual, Zen created an elaborate High Tea Menu that was deliciously scavenged by the guests. The lavish menu included delicious pastries, muffins, cupcakes & cookies just to name but a few offered in the menu. There was also a Sushi Bar on Ice, burger stations, cheese corners and savory selections being passed around while guests mingled.

1801142_616800085036586_266235123_oThe Beverage Bars were an additional treat at the event as the thirst got real; there were unlimited Cocktails, Spirits, Wines, Soft Drinks, Teas and Coffees throughout the event.

1015947_616799645036630_497035983_oGuests sipped on BullDog Gin & Campari Cocktails all afternoon, there were moments to chill and enjoy Dewars whisky cocktails, the ladies Sparkling Heaven at the infamous Prosecco Blu Bar within the cool gardens, brandy cocktails & exquisite red and white wines were continuously served at the KWV Wines & Brandy Bar.

1889051_616799815036613_1613672567_oLast but not least, there was the sexy Heineken Men’s Lounge where classy suits and handsome gentlemen were all chilled out from where they sipped it to gentle moderation and were seen in the best of men’s fashion.

1537680_616800345036560_881176655_oNot forgetting, Nero Company under the Executive Water Bar was present at Zen to keep temperatures cooled off and skin hydrated with their beautifully unanimous ‘Hydration Lounge’ where there was abundant supply of Executive water and soft drinks that proved Chic & Fashionable!

1909310_616831255033469_1546929138_oAs well as evidence of a glamorous fashion show from top Fashion Designers, there were Mini Boutiques at the venue showcasing and selling arrays of fashion garments, shoes, accessories and jewelry that featured an amazing line up of local and international designers for 2014 that included Afrika Speeks, Aryam Designs, Divabag Fashion, House of Hadassah, Jewels of Tibet, Kastur Jewels, Kooroo, Lali Health Millinery, Lintons Beauty World, Masaba, Neha, Njema Helena, Panesar Interiors, Pink Savannah, Poetic Trends, SangSang Fashion, Suave, Suzie Beauty & lastly, Zuri Beauty.

1899333_616788691704392_1463876480_oLastly, the Fashion High Tea dress code was highly respected & perfected having been associated with elegance and sophistication.  Last Saturday, it was compulsory the look of beauty and fashion that flowed within Zen for high society ladies having wore big hats and sundresses while the gentlemen wore slim-fit suits and well-tailored custom outfits ready to blow the fashion party at the event.

1606395_616795605037034_1061492263_oIn a class of its own, The Fashion High Tea is a very glamorous, high profile event. There is no other event like it in Kenya.

Photos courtesy of Eye-Con Photography ©

For more information or bookings please contact:

Email: info@zengarden.co.ke

Zen Garden, Spring Valley, Nairobi.


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