Nairobi Fashion Market 2014 – Spring Edition sprinkles Fashion, Fun and Beauty


The aim of Nairobi Fashion Market is to link up up-and-coming brands with the masses in a safe and fun environment for shopping. With a maze of stalls filled with cosmetics, shoes, jewellery, beauty and skin products, art and decor products, music, travel products, lingerie, clothing….the list is endless, and breathtaking! Everything that was on display can only be described as breathtaking!

Nairobi fashion market hosted its VI edition this past weekend at the Ngong’ Racecourse grounds. Just like every edition, there was a lot of show casing going on. You could tell Kenya fashion market is going places, with most of the outfits that were being sold maintaining an African touch, from the prints to the texture.

Most of the people who attended could not get enough of everything that was being showcased. It also favored women more than men, just saying, but the men also had their share of fun.

We know people tend to think these events are normally for the rich, high society and middle class but this is not it, the entrance fee was just Ksh400 which was affordable to all.

NFM has heavily branded itself over the years since its inception as “the original discount shopping experience,” whether this is true or not, still remains to be seen.

It’s one event we had always looked forward to attending previously but we never had a chance due to other competing factors in life but this year we knew we had to make time and attend the event.

What we love most about Nairobi Fashion Market is that they give upcoming Kenyan designers a platform to showcase their designs for example one designer that we met and felt inspired by her collection is Sheena C. Her collection on the runway was beautifully and fashionably amazing.

It can be argued that the exposure is worth the cost of being there, as there is a lot of press. So, some vendors did get to showcase their clothes as part of the fashion show. Furthermore, the vendor gets to see how people are reacting to their products – what they like and don’t like. This can be seen as a non profitable benefit as it gives the vendor space to improve and grow.

Fashion shows were scheduled for 3pm and 5pm respectively by Strut It Afrika – SIA on local time-zone schedules featuring Ella by Fiona Konchellah, Kali by Karegi, ChristineBeth, Afrostreet Kollektions, Zaramu Designs, Sheena Frida C, Rift Valley Leather, and Tailor Made Jeans just to name but a few from the list of trending designers in the fashion industry.

Let’s talk about the food, it was simply amazing – Pots Delight’s Griller did offer some sumptuous outdoor menu from nyama choma, burgers, juice and also my favorite cotton candy.

People from all races were there to support the Nairobi Fashion Market. Although some things were a bit expensive example Brazilian Hair and some neon Pumps, the fashion show was spectacular as the beautifully fierce SIA models walked down the runway. Suzie beauty also supported the show. Tanzanian artist Hussein Machozi was humbled on opportunity and performed on the final day – Sunday.

Despite all of this, the atmosphere was vibrant, fresh and effervescent, a nice break from the usual Nairobi social scene. Children were not left behind as there was a playground filled with age appropriate fun and games neither were pets too lol!.

RURI and The Peacock Band, New Management and Female-only exclusive, DJ Shock kept the entertainment on a high with music bumping as stunning models walked down the runway. Lastly, there were also live dance shows by JIMS ‘n’ DIMS throughout the day.

Accompanied with a nice cold cocktail from Brew Bistro and some local Nyama Choma, it was Ksh400 well spent. 

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·        © Copyright 2014 replay254 – Nairobi, Kenya

·         Photos Courtesy of Eye Con Photography ©


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