Photographer’s Eye: Nairobi’s creative lens zooms Zafarani Mansurali


Photography is certainly an art that has not lost its sheen over the century, and as millions of people seek to immortalize their portraits and experiences, there are handfuls who have chosen to take it up in its entirety, master it and share it with the rest of the world.

Creative Photographer Zafarani Mansurali
Creative Photographer Zafarani Mansurali

Zafarani Mansurali is one such man, an experienced Kenyan photographer who is charming many with his alluring ‘light and play’ via the camera. He’s quietly cutting out a creative niche for himself in this growing industry, and replay254 managed to catch up with him recently to explore some of his secrets to photographic success.

Did you develop a passion for photography or did you study for it?
I actually developed it because it’s a passion I do have.

How long would you say you’ve been a photographer and what’s the best part of your job?
It started slowly as a passion but I started doing it professionally after three and a half years ago till now.

What’s your general focus when it comes to photography…is there specific stuff you like to capture?
I like capturing life’s moments with photos that highlight stories filled with emotion and life such as weddings, people having fun at celebrations and or parties therefore enhancing creativity and sharp skill on photography.

Tell us about your most memorable photo shoot
I did a shoot with an NGO called OGRA where they were sponsoring kids with HIV-Aids to go to school and had opened up small clinics for people in Kisumu.

When did everything just go wrong at a shoot and how did you handle it?
Once I was doing a shoot for some wealthy family in Karen whereby after the shoot setup, the wind blew and dropped my flash which was a Nikon SB 900…..It was just one of those memorable sad days of my photography career.

Zafarani on the creative set
Zafarani on the creative set

What are the major challenges that face photographers in Kenya today?
First and foremost, photography equipment that is really pricey. Second, there are no good photography schools in Kenya because they lack good resources and utilities required for this optional career training.

Mac or PC Lover…why? What software is most important to you for your final images?
For my case I use both. For the PC am able to expand my specs while for Mac I need to buy a new machine to upgrade the visual setup of my software usage. I prefer using Adobe Lightroom as my furnishing tool for good photo-portfolios.

What’s one website you visit often?
Frontlight Photography, Emmanuel Jambo Photography not forgetting I also do Google other fellow photographers’ portfolio websites and links most especially those who are very good locally…but above all I mostly check out for the most creative.

Is there anyone in photography, first locally, then internationally, you look up to?
Umm….that is really tricky cause locally I look up to a couple but I do like Emmanuel Jambo, Mutua Matheka .Magic Lens e.t.c the list is endless. Internationally, there is David Scott and Alnoon who is an Indian photographer.

If not a photographer, what else would you have been?
I would have been a fashion consultant though based in a clothing store.

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Kiambu road, Nairobi, Kenya, +254728703000


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