Louis Vuitton Dresses World Cup 2014 Trophy


Louis Vuitton is really honing in on the whole ‘sports luxe’ trend by taking the term quite literally. For the second time in FIFA history, renowned fashion luxury label, Louis Vuitton is collaborating with the federation.

The French fashion and leather goods house has designed a bespoke monogram canvas travelling case for this year’s 2014 World Cup trophy.

It’s only fitting that the world’s most-desired football trophy comes in an equally desired travelling case. The up-right trunk, which opens from the front and top, retains Vuitton’s signature monogram print and holds the 6.175 kg, solid 18-carat gold trophy securely.

‘We are very proud to have been chosen by FIFA to dedicate our know-how to creating the case for the most beautiful trophy: the FIFA World Cup Trophy which will be delivered for public viewing at the final game on July 13, then finally handed over to the captain of the winning game,’ LV’s head of communications Antoine Arnault told FIFA in a promo press briefing via BBC Sports earlier today morning.

‘From the legendary bed-trunk developed by Georges and Louis Vuitton in 1868 for the explorers, to the case for the oldest sporting trophy – the America’s Cup – and the special order for the iPod case from a well-known designer, the Maison has always combined clever and elegant ways to satisfy the very specific needs of its clients, allowing them to express their uniqueness or achieve their dream.’

As with FIFA 2010 in South Africa, the case, along with the trophy, will be given to the captain of the winning team after the final game. The case, which was first designed for the 2010 World Cup held in South Africa 4 years ago, was hand-crafted in Louis Vuitton’s famous Asnières workshop and has all of the brand’s signature detailing, including brass locks, monogrammed LV canvas and hardware corners.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell poses with Louis Vuitton's 2014 World Cup Trophy Case
Supermodel Naomi Campbell poses with Louis Vuitton’s 2014 World Cup Trophy Case

Special orders, of which there are around 450 each year, represent a core business of the 150-year old trunk-maker.

Louis Vuitton also crafted the case that holds the silver ewer of the America’s Cup, billed world’s oldest sporting trophy.

To the victor go the spoils, as they say…

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