BOLD Kampala making bold fashion statement


Bold, Beautiful and Ambitious; those are the words one would use to describe the three enterprising young ladies who took on the challenge of bringing urban fashion to not only the Ugandan market but East African fashion circuit as well.

Barely two and a half years since the establishment of opening the doors to their fashion store to the public, BOLD is already the talk of town and hot cake of the latest and unique fashion trends and accessories from the region’s talented designers and artisans.

BOLD Kampala is a collection of products from various talented Ugandan designers, all under one roof. The products in the shop include clothing, accessories and skin care lines.

Asked how they came up with the idea for the unique store, Angel Kalisa who is one of the directors says the concept has always been there but just not in Kampala.“And so we thought it would be an interesting business venture after adding our own ideas to it and making it work for Kampala,” Kalisa adds.

Inzuki-DesignsThe unique blend of various artists at BOLD makes for a, well, bold and unique shopping experience in Kampala. The shop stocks range from Africa, Biika, Gloria Wavamuno, Kwesh, Zanaa, Umuringa Jewelry and Ndagire Skincare and other famous local brands.Their stock also includes music albums, all proudly Ugandan.

BOLD has been specially tailored to enhance the clientele’s shopping experience and bi-annually offers the BOLD ‘SALE’ which rack drops to ridiculous prices and runs throughout the year and like the name suggests, the store consists of not only interesting content, but interesting people, each with their own artistic flair reflected in their work.

“The concept is that the store provides a distribution outlet to talented budding and seasoned designers alike to showcase and distribute their creations so that they can concentrate entirely on the creative process of making the products and Bold can then do all the distribution and sales of those products,” says Nunu Mugyenyi, BOLD Director (number two).

The shop’s products are not restricted to only Ugandan designers. They are open to diversifying their inventory. They offer discount prices on their racks with the goal to custom care for their customers.

Nunu Mugyenyi then adds that they have a number of designers they’ve been working with effortlessly including Kiroto,, Kwesh, Qulture and Furaha. We have also partnered with artistes like Navio whose T-Shirts are also available at the store, together with our own stock of clothing such as the vintage section recently added.

When I inquire where Director number three, Janet Mugume is, Angel promptly assures me that Janet is their hands-on branding and communications person and that she is busy doing a lot of the marketing online with the website, tweeting and getting the word out there as we speak. And judging by the interest BOLD has already generated both on and offline, she is definitely savvy at what she does.

Finally, as I walked out of the store I couldn’t help but wonder why no one had come up with this before for Kampala and in the EAC city hubs because it already felt so familiar. But for now at least, it looks like these three bold ladies have their work cut out for them.

BOLD which was founded on June 1st 2012 emboss their goal ‘to showcase and promote the work of local artists and brands’.

You can find more information at


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