Fashion Designer Opens Fashion Coffee Shop


Chanel, Armani, Bulgari — these fashion heavyweights are known for their haute couture. But HAUTE CUISINE?

Off the runways, fashion houses are making their mark in the culinary world with their own designer eateries, from fine-dining restaurants to grab-and-go coffee shops.

And with the just concluded installment of New York Fashion Week 2014, American designer Ralph Lauren turned his attention upon New York City alongside the recent fashion buzz for the opening of his latest Polo flagship store on the swanky 5th Avenue. But not only will the impeccably restored historic building house the tastemaker’s classic fashion collections, it will also be home to his first-ever café, Ralph’s Coffee, which is set to feature the designer’s private custom blends, with a fresh and authentic atmosphere.

The new label is a step back into the Lauren archives, with throwbacks to beautiful Navajo sweaters, fringed leather jackets and classic cable knit cashmere sweaters of every colour imaginable. There’s more here than I could ever talk about.

The second-floor outpost offers an intimate café bistro with a menu that includes Ralph Lauren’s private coffee blends from USDA organic coffees, herbal teas, freshly pressed juices, pastries and assorted sweets – including brownies made using his grandmother’s recipe – as well as an array of sandwiches.

In a typical Lauren style featuring a white-and-green color scheme, no detail has been overlooked, from the mosaic-tiled floors, vaulted ceiling and artisanal lighting to the marble-top bistro tables, antique bistro chairs and hand-hew wooden benches. Truly a perfect backdrop to relax with a cup of Lauren coffee.

The honest truth is this – the coffee shop is just the cherry on a magnificent Ralph Lauren ice cream sundae.

Enjoy! Here’s a look at three floors of heaven….

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  1. svadore says:

    I just wrote a post on my experience at Ralph’s Coffee as well 🙂 Love the fact that you incorporated the clothing as well!

    1. replay254 says:

      Ralph’s is an awesomely fashionable chillspot …so much creative tranquility 🙂 thanks for the compliments we appreciate it! 🙂 Share our blog site to friends & family as well

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