Patchwork Denim: The New Trend You Have Got To Try!


#replayTrendsJeans comes in many forms. It’s comfortable, it can be sophisticated and sexy, pure or rough. There is more than one reason why it is always on the fashion map, and why it deserves the attention that is paid to him.

DIY Colorful Patchwork Denim Jeans by DKNY collection at the New York Fashion Week 2014
DIY Colorful Patchwork Denim Jeans by DKNY collection at the New York Fashion Week 2014

After a decade of jeans that have championed simplicity and utility, we here at replay254 sense the beginning of a sea change & have embarked on our pioneered article to run every Wednesday ‘replayTrends’ that will sensitize you on the evolving fashion trends both on the runway and on the streets. And while the streets outside of fashion shows offer more runway than “real life” style inspiration, there is still the occasional crossover trend that can be your own D-I-Y and get fashionably spotted.

openerA few seasons ago, standard square denim patches in varying shades of blue made a splash when they were sewn on things like jeans, button-downs, skirts, and jackets, but this season, the trend has taken a decidedly bolder turn arguably thanks to trendsetting designer Phillip Lim, who showcased a full denim jumpsuit covered in retro-looking patches.

Case in point: As soon as we saw videos of the look come down the runway at New York Fashion Week, we immediately knew the piece—and the trend—would be a thing. The old – new trend, Patchwork Jean. From New York to Paris, a patched up, worn-in pair of jeans could be found on many a showgoer.

Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Victoria Beckham, Fearne Cotton, Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Hudson and even Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes and Karen Millen have all been pictured wearing patchwork jeans in the past, styling them in their own individual ways with their unique sense of style. It seems that patching up those hole-y boyfriend jeans (or even a perfectly fine pair) is the thing to do this season. For extra street style bait, you could even wear them with your white sneakers.

Just like any forward style though, sometimes a little inspiration is in need to show that a new trend has versatility, just like these patchwork jeans do. This is definitely one trend that will have a strong moment in the current and coming seasons.

We suggest styling your pair with a structured blazer and t-shirt to give the look a more polished edge (whereas a bomber jacket will take you back to the school days whether in high school or campus). A pair of brogues or single sole stilettos will also help elevate the look into fashionista territory.


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  1. Nice…..gotta have a try

    1. replay254 says:

      Yeah sure thing Mercy …you know the definite fashion plan! 🙂

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