Vlisco’s new collection dares dazzling ‘Splendeur’


In the fashion world, people expect creativity and uniqueness; and of course the textile brand, Vlisco has it all. When Vlisco pops in thought, what comes to mind are vibrant colors, high quality Dutch wax and creatively inspired designs.

World renowned Dutch wax brand Vlisco is already set to dazzle once again having recently unveiled their new, fourth collection for 2014 titled “Splendeur”, with it aesthetic design is no doubt the best collection we have come across this year.

This is a beautiful one from VLISCO – for the afro-centric diva who is sophisticated, feminine and loves to show the multi-faceted sides of her personality through her fashion choices.

With a splash of the grandiose and a pinch of drama, VLISCO lures in again with their gorgeous wax print design and divaliciously splendid fashion collaboration with Nigerian fashion designer Lanre da Silva. Lanre’s eponymous style oozes great artistry and a creative craftsmanship with her use and execution of embellishments.

Just like the glamorous movie divas of yesteryear, whether you’re going to a ball, a party or just a romantic meal, you will dazzle in the limelight. Vlisco’s “Splendeur” collection highlights a perfect blend of elegance, color sophistication and intricate patterns with more perfection hence defining the glamour and dazzle.

According to Vlisco, in paying allegiance to the brand’s own words “Memorable fashion requires brave, bold moves and so this season we created extra SPLENDEUR and cut into our fabrics to create embellishments in our fashion to transform into individual pieces of jewellery. Inspiration is everywhere!”

Embroidery, sequins and crystals are added in the collection for extra effects. The result – yards and yards of glamorous fabric guaranteed to liven up an amazing afro-fashion style and a fabulous, dramatic campaign to show it off.

Just as we love the natural looks of the model and the entire “Splendeur” collection, we’re sure you will not only love it; but for the fashion enthusiasts & fashion collectors possibly own a piece.

With the accompanying TV ad campaign video on YouTube, the label encourages us to ‘take to the stage and shine’! Indeed, nothing compares to the thrill of a new collection!

Images Courtesy – http://www.vlisco.com/









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  1. rechokhaemba says:

    Her use of colour and patterns is inspiring! 🙂 🙂

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