AfroFUNK Chronicles // NYX Cosmetics



In recent months, we’ve been working towards branding a photoshoot that embodies the beauty and essence of a Bantu Queen, creatively inspired by native, cultural muses of ancient times – which for us is what some would call an alter-ego.

Thus, after sharing ideas with NYX Cosmetics, we made this dream a reality. It was a fantastic experience! It is so rare to meet people who embrace your vision and fully understand you creatively and intuitively.


We’re thrilled to finally share the work we helped produce for the “AfroFUNK Chronicles”, a photography series under NYX Cosmetics that revisits the essence & aesthetics of ancient African Queens by merging a creative Egypt-Kenya affair through appreciation of one of Kenya’s major tribes, the Bantu.


The project weaved inspiration from African queenhood: from Egypt to Ethiopia, Congo to Ghana & eventually embracing the Kenyan cultural heritage of the Bantu. Their strength and sense of aesthetics is stunning & fascinating at the same time.

bantu queen

The photoshoot was mainly inspired by Goddess Isis, the Egyptian goddess of rebirth, of the moon, of magic and wisdom. She was known as the Giver of Life. A symbol of empowerment and utter femininity. The name Isis itself means “Throne”.


We absolutely love what she represents, as she was the most powerful goddess before all other gods of her time, yet very in touch with her feminine power. She became the model on which future generations of female deities in other cultures were to be based. We are thankful to have been able to work with South African creatives to make this beautiful series happen.


NYX is a cosmetic brand boasting of an extensive range of makeup goodies as well. The color range of their eyeshadows and lipsticks are endless and what we especially liked about this brand is that they are often introducing combo editions that keeps their fans waiting and guessing. They are a little higher priced but with good reason we suppose. Their quality also is something worth raving about. The only place that we have come across & indulged in NYX products is at City Mall, Nyali (Mombasa).


For more information on NYX Cosmetics and their presence in Kenya, please visit their website at

Photos: Courtesy
  – Love & Light –


Photography: Zwelethu Magubane c/o NYX Cosmetics SA
Model & Styling: Andrea Modupeola
Body painting art: Ash Meyers

About NYX Cosmetics:

NYX Cosmetics, named after the ancient Greek goddess who ruled the night, uniquely offers a permanent collection of special-occasion makeup in addition to a solid selection of every day basics and on-trend shades. Rich pigments and high payoff in products is what places NYX in a class of its own and distinguishes the line as a rising leader in the massive color cosmetics industry. With origins in the US, NYX is a global brand available at thousands of retailers consisting of specialty beauty and fashion stores (including Bossinni, Woolworths & Nordstrom), freestanding shops, and beauty supply stores globally, as well as on


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