#FeatureFriday: 100 Years of Kenyan Beauty in 1 Minute


Every culture has its own diverse features & beauty standards. Beauty standards change over time depending on local as well as global fashion variations. The Internet and rapid communication modes have enabled us to observe & understand cultural beauty standards through our own eyes as well as other culture’s ideas of beauty.


The production company CUT has made a name for itself by creating fascinating and mind-blowing videos that look back at the history of beauty trends over the past 100 years or so. Showing viewers different cultures & their beauty standards in a very attractive, charming and convincing manner; it also gives us insight into how we’ve become who we are today.

Not only do you get to learn about a different culture’s style, but you also see how fashion & style choices have gradually evolved. In it, they manage to condense a century-worth of female beauty, hairstyle, and trends into about a minute, with one model trying on all of the looks. Countries including Ethiopia, Japan, USA, Russia, Italy, Brazil and Germany are just but some of the countries featured in previous installments of CUT Video’s Evolution of Beauty series.


CUT‘s 21st episode to its “100 Years” series is an ode to Kenya’s beauty history, offering a glimpse into Kenya’s changing political & cultural climates. It narrates evolving styles of Kenyan women shaped by key cultural milestones – from the British colonization to the rise of Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, featuring several well-known looks such as cornrows, bold, colorful makeup and gorgeous updos but with a Kenyan twist.

VIDEO LINK: CUT “100 Years of Beauty -Kenya” via YouTube

The time-lapse video stars model, Keesee Andrea sporting all of the most classic looks from 1910 all the way up to present day. Keesee is morphed into a bare-faced beauty modeling some tribal jewelry, and the clip ends with the model emulating Lupita Nyong’o, who brought home her first Oscar.

Ranging from minimal makeup looks with simple straight back cornrows of the 1920s to chic updos and headwraps of the 1960s-70s, it speeds through to the 2000s, where she flaunts purple eye shadow, the 1 minute 15 seconds clip is one of the series’ most stunning ones to date.


One of the important things this video highlights is that cornrows have been worn by Kenyan women as early as the 1920s. Also, an interesting fact about this video is similarity between the first and last looks. It seems that history does actually come full circle, as Keesee has the same short, natural hairstyle in both.

For more on this particular episode, check out CUT’s behind-the-scenes Pinterest board BTS (Ep.21) 100 Years of Beauty – Kenya, featuring inspirations for each look & gorgeous photos from every decade.

You can also view previous episodes of CUT’s 100 Years series on their YouTube channel CUT 100 Years of Beauty Series (YouTube)


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