Christian Louboutin Celebrates Colors of Africa – Africaba Tote Bag


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Christian Louboutin has got handbag lovers slaying all the way up in style this season. The Parisian luxury designer recently boarded the African Fashion wagon by unveiling a bag collection titled ‘Africaba’. The Africaba tote bag is a proud proclamation of the West African palette, mixing together bold graphic prints with vibrant hues that clash harmoniously.

Pic 2 -Christian Louboutin and the “Africaba” tote.

The totes are wide, colorful & spacious handbags that celebrate vibrant colours of West African style. Exclusively designed out of an eclectic mix of African fabrics, the hand and shoulder straps are also embellished with traditional and colorful beading as well as the Christian Louboutin signature spiked detailing.

 Pic 3 - Africaba's hold-all gives back in style

A must have for those who crave for one-off designs from iconic brands, each tote bag is unique & completely different – No two pieces are identical.

 Pic 4

The bags bring together a joyful explosion of traditional wax motifs and the carmine signature of the Parisian fashion house, merging the handcrafted work of the women at La Maison Rose and skills of the Christian Louboutin house.

 Pic 5

Decorated with an embroidered crest with the CL logo on the front along with a couple of beads hanging from its leather handles, this creative offspring is crowned chic with a red suede lining and a detachable leather shoulder strap too, handy if you need to be hands-free.

 Pic 6

However the bag is not fully produced in Senegal, only bits and pieces – the finishing touches are done in Italy. Priced at 1250 USD (approx. Ksh 125,000), this tote bag is 95% cotton fabric, by the way, and huge too, spanning some 68 cm across at its widest by 34 cm in height.

 Pic 7

These limited edition bags are a collaboration between the Parisian designer Louboutin, his long-time friend of 30 years, Valerie Schlumberger (Founder of CSAO – Company of Senegal and West Africa – a boutique in Paris that introduced the crafts of West Africa to European clients), and the women of La Maison Rose in Senegal (a charity that assists the vulnerable women and children of Senegal by developing their creative skills and craftsmanship).

 Pic 8 - Christian Louboutin and Valérie Schlumberger holding the “Africaba” bag.

In celebration of this stylish partnership, Christian Louboutin is also donating 10 percent of proceeds from the Africaba to support La Maison Rose, offering a practical and reactive route to restoration whilst highlighting inherent talents of artisanal craftsmanship found within the region.

Pic 9 - CL-Tote-Bags-Banner

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 Images: Christian Louboutin

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  1. Elorm says:

    Interesting! I like that at least some of the manufacturing is done in Africa and that some of the proceeds are sent there. Such collaborations with our artisans and other giants in the International fashion industry are great

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