Hijab Style Inspo: Where Modesty meets Fashion – Hakima Bashir



Ramadan might be over, but truth is “Hijabistas” are now a big phenomenon in the global fashion industry. Muslim fashion bloggers have begun inspiring their Muslim counterparts with their stylish yet modest apparel & diversifying the fashion field with their beliefs, #OOTDs, and unique voices.

Meet Hakima Bashir of ‘It’s A Curvy Affair’ who is a plus size Muslim blogger & model progressively shaping the momentum of Islamic style through her Hijab fashion.019A1952Even with traditional Muslim attires like ‘Abayas’ (embellished dresses) and head wraps, Hakima still finds a way to make it her own by creating stylish twists with her outfits and that just makes her more amazing.

I remember the first time I came across her, I simply thought to myself ‘who knew someone could look so conservative yet so fashionable?’ Hakima represents an empowering group of women who want to align their spirituality with their personal style.019A1957According to Hakima, “Ladies’ curves are nature’s way of portraying the art that is the feminine physique in all shapes and in all sizes. My blog is to inspire women celebrate their curves, stay fashionable and classy because curves are simply beautiful, natural and embody a woman. To me fashion is not what is trending but anything that makes you comfortable and brings out the confidence in you and here is a small space of my personal style.”

I particularly like that her Hijab fashion is not pedestal and she rocks them in many ways any woman would like to exploit. Her style oozes sophistication and simplicity making it fun and playful. Although she seems to have a thing for Abayas which perfectly suit her, every now and then she switches things up with casual looks and modern prints.019A1939I love how she experiments with colours and styling, I’m not sure all of them are practical but she gets A for effort.

Hakima is proof that you don’t need to rock the naked-chic look to make a splash in the industry. Take a look at her.



Photos: Hakima Bashir – @_curvyaffair


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