Sustainable Style: MIMCO x Ethical Fashion Initiative



Australian fashion brand, MIMCO’s ongoing partnership with the Ethical Fashion Initiative (EFI) has made a difference by allowing women artisans of Kenya to bring about change in the country by “empowering communities to finesse their trade”.


Bringing together the joy of fashion and textiles, while celebrating the very talent of Kenyan artisans – MIMCO’s latest collaboration is a stunning cosmic masterpiece, inspired by the “Big Bang” that brings to life this celestial treasure.


The collaboration features the ‘Afrigraphico’ Tote & the ‘Afrigraphico’ Pouch. Crafted using traditional Maasai hand-beading techniques and hand-dyed Kitenge fabric, vibrant details combine with artisanal skill to express freedom, adventure and sincerity.


One of the most important elements of what MIMCO stands for as a brand is female empowerment thus offering women living in poverty a chance for self-empowerment through fair work opportunities. They understand that no one needs for what they create, it’s something to be desired & in the unbalanced world in which we live, not everyone is fortunate enough to have such a choice.


It’s something Cathryn Wills, Managing Director of Mimco, says is befitting because female empowerment underpins the brand’s “emotional goal”, while at the other end of business, the past two years have seen the brand really come into its own.

“As each piece brings joy to the wearer, they can know that it also brings joy, self-confidence and empowerment to the artisan that has made it, their entire family and community,” says Cathryn.


The Ethical Fashion Initiative is a part of the United Nation’s International Trade Centre where their aim is to connect artisans from the developing world with global fashion brands to create ethical & sustainable collaborations that change the lives of women in Africa.

“Through work, the artisans are able to take control of their lives and change them for the better. This result is priceless,” adds Simone Cipriani, Founder of Ethical Fashion Initiative.


Check out the video (below) featuring the MIMCO x Ethical Fashion Initiative Collaboration:

WATCH: MIMCO x Ethical Fashion Initiative: Our Journey Continues


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