Nicole Atieno for ISSEY MIYAKE

replay254 Exclusive

The future seems bright with the rise of strong, beautiful Kenyan models globally. Little is known of her locally but Nicole Atieno has been related to the likes of supermodel Naomi Campbell by reputable modeling agencies abroad.

At 18 years of age ft. height at 5’9”, Nicole’s portfolio is outstanding as she’s already strutting on major runways in various fashion capitals globally; represented by Wilhelmina International based in London. Living in Germany her mother, a former model herself took her to an audition and thereafter, history was made.

Take a look at this gorgeous queen’s spectacular photoshoot, dawned in the latest ISSEY MIYAKE Collection campaign for Tush Magazine. Damn Girl! Keep It Up 🙂

ISSEY MIYAKE recently unveiled the “Spring Series”, which is inspired by ‘Shunga’- an art form that deals with lust & passion between the sexes – in form of illustrations, paintings and woodcutting – and is highly valued as one of the most important assets in Japanese art.


Photo Credit: Armin Morbach © 2017


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Letoya Johnstone says:

    Impeccable read

  2. William Wandie Wangari says:

    She is gorgeous! and Wilhelmina is a great agency for her

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