“Conscious Uncoupling” – A Collaborative Fashion Editorial Celebrating Women’s History Month

With March denoted as the month of the Woman, a group of creatives & artists collaborated to come up with a creative yet virtuous realization of the modern woman.

This editorial is a fashion photo series geared towards celebrating International Women’s Month also depicts the way women are currently perceived and treated in the society.

The photo series focuses on the following six themes: Power Play, Cruel Intentions, Come As You Are, Master and Muse, Don’t Fence Me In & It’s A Wrap.

These photos represent the beauty, strength, weakness, overall power and grace that a woman oozes.

Take a look…

Power Play

Here the man wears peacock colours because he is the peacock. The highflier. The one that shows off all his success at work and in the world. The woman wears red, her heart and love and life. White, her innocence and purity of womanhood she owes to her man. And black, which may mean submission or mourning the life she will never live judging by the expression on her face which is bored and deeply saddened yet gravely accepting of her current lot in life.


Cruel Intentions

Abuse is something women should never go through in relationships.


Come As You Are

The red the woman wears is her heart, her love, her life all over herself because when she presents herself to her man, she is to give him ALL of herself, love, life and all.

The man wears black around his waist. The black symbolizes the power of his manhood. A privilege he “bestows” on the woman which is why he “expects” her to submit herself wholly to his power and privilege.


Master and Muse

This represents the objectification of women. The woman is to be perfect, beautiful. An almost impossible standard. Judging by the man’s position, the woman is the man’s play thing for satisfaction and pleasure. But if you look closely, you can see sadness and pain in the beauty of the woman’s expression.


Don’t Fence Me In

The man is dressed in black which depicts severity, power and machoness. His expression is just as severe, reaching out to feel the pulse of the world. His hair is purple, because he is king and “rightfully so”.


The woman is in red depicting her heart, emotion, love. She’s holding on to the man for fear of going at it alone or maybe by social and cultural relegation. The equation in sartorial attire means regardless of gender or social disposition, we are all the same deep-down.


It’s A Wrap


Photography/Direction: Emmanuel Arewa | @spotlightpi

Styling: Kayito Nwokedi | @kayito_n

Hair: Bernard Okon | @bernardsmiless

Makeup: Sulaimon Kazeem | @casskoncept

Models: Susan Garland | @iamsusangarland & Melissa Devidal | @mel_devidal

Beauty Retouched: Oluwaseun Omosekejimi | @libartystudios


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